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SNOO Hire, Christchurch

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Now available for hire in Christchurch!


The smart bassinet that gently sways, shushes and safely and securely swaddles your baby. The SNOO is thoroughly cleaned, sanitised and steamed before it goes to it's new temporary home.

* Minimum 2 week hire - $79 / week
* Pick up from Riccarton or it can be delivered for $40 within 10km of Riccarton
* The SNOO is extremely easy to set up and comes with clear instructions or you can watch this video. Alternatively, if you would like the SNOO set up for you, it can be done upon delivery for an add
itional $50. You will need the SNOO app on your phone to pair it with the SNOO.

* Cleaning fee $40

* Refundable bond $300

This video demonstrates how the SNOO works.

Some of you may be wondering... as a Nurse and Sleep Consultant, do I recommend the SNOO?
As a short term solution (up to 4-6 months of age) yes I think it can be a great option, especially for those who have an unsettled newborn or are in a busy household with multiple children, or just want a baby feeling well rested (therefore parents well rested)

What if the movement of the SNOO makes my baby go back to sleep and they miss having a feed?
If your baby is hungry, they will be sure to let you know, and no amount of rocking will help them back to sleep! If you have a very small baby or weight gain is an issue and you have been advised by your healthcare provider that they need fed 3 hourly feeds for example, you'd still do this.


Do I need to clean the SNOO or the bedding before returning it?

No - after the SNOO is returned at the completion of your hire, we will clean, sanitise and disinfect it along with a hot steam clean before the SNOO heads to its next temporary home. 

Interested in Hiring the SNOO?

Thanks for submitting, we will be in contact soon!

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