Resolving Feeding Aversions

Having a baby refuse to feed (breast or bottle or eating) can be incredibly stressful. I can help you get back on track to make feeding and eating an enjoyable experience for your family again.

The relationship between sleeping and feeding is very very closely linked. Often when we work on sleep, feeding improves as a result. Depending on your circumstances, a sleep consultation may be more suitable, rather than a feeding aversion consultation, we will need to discuss this.

To see if I can help you, you'll need to complete my feeding questionnaire which will give me a comprehensive history of your feeding journey up until this point. I'll then advise if I can help you. Contact me here  


Once I assess the questionnaire, I can work out the cause of the aversion and make recommendations how we can resolve it. We will organise a time for a video call and I'll email you some written information.

Breast or bottle feeding problems or solids refusal 

Some of the common issues I can assist with are: breast or bottle feeding aversion (feed refusal or crying / arching away from feeding), sleep feeding (only feeding while drowsy or asleep), night feeding (baby will feed well overnight and not feed well during the day), snack feeding (throughout the day and night), solids refusal preferring to drink milk.

Video consultation 45- 60 minutes plus 2 x 15 minute "check in" phone calls within 7 days.


Tube weaning 

There are many reasons why your baby or toddler may be tube fed. Some of these include prematurity, a medical condition, a feeding aversion which resulted in a tube due to poor growth. 

I am very specific with what children I will help here - your child must be cleared medically (i.e. have a safe swallow), be under 2 years old and either currently or recently demonstrated they are capable of eating or drinking  - even if it's small amounts. Call me to discuss if your child may be suitable.