Resolving Feeding Aversions
& Tube Weaning

Having a baby refuse to feed (breast or bottle or eating solids) can be incredibly stressful. I can help you get back on track to make feeding and eating an enjoyable experience for your family again.

Breast or bottle feeding problems or solids refusal is more common than we think. Some of the common issues I can assist with are: breast or bottle feeding aversion (feed refusal or crying / arching away from feeding), sleep feeding (only feeding while drowsy or asleep), night feeding (baby will feed well overnight and not feed well during the day), snack feeding (throughout the day and night), solids refusal preferring to drink milk.

​To see how I can help you, you'll need to complete my feeding questionnaire which will give me a comprehensive history of your feeding journey up until this point. I'll then advise if I can help you. Contact me here  {(provide link to contact form)}

Once I assess the questionnaire, I can work out the cause of the aversion and make recommendations how we can resolve it. We will organise a time for a video call or home consult if you are in or near Christchurch.


Video consultation 45- 60 minutes plus 2 x 15 minute "check in" phone calls within 7 days. $150

Home consultation 2 - 3 hours plus 2 x 15 minute check in care calls within 7 days $350


**  Tube weaning  **

There are many reasons why your baby or toddler may be tube fed. Some of these include prematurity, a medical condition, or a feeding aversion which resulted in a tube due to poor growth. 

I am incredibly selective / specific with what children I will help here - your child must be cleared medically (i.e. have a safe swallow), be under 2 years old and either currently or recently demonstrated they are capable of eating or drinking orally  - even if it's small amounts. Contact me to discuss if your child may be suitable.

This is an intensive 2 week program where we work very closely together.

"My 4 month old had a feeding tube for 8 weeks after developing an aversion. It was a very difficult stage for us. My daughter was seen by different specialists and all they could think of was reflux as the main cause of her aversion. She was getting worse. My LO was always upset, vomiting, not sleeping well. My anxiety levels were high. I wanted the tube out! I was desperate to find answers. Then I found Deb. In less than two weeks the feeding tube was able to be removed. My daughter is now feeding a lot better & sleeping better. We got our lives back. Deb is amazing.


She is professional, thorough and well organized. She went through every single step safely. I am so glad we reached this stage. We are now enjoying our precious one and that is how it should be.

To all the parents out there who are going through the same stage, you don't have to suffer in silence. Have faith and contact Deb ;) " ~ Lem Haigh