‘From a baby who cried all the time … we saw improvement in as little as a week. We now have a baby who loves his sleep’ 

Jess Campbell

About Little Sleep Coach  

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Deb Janssen
little sleep coach

I am passionate about empowering parents to improve their children’s sleep. 
I take a holistic approach – looking at the whole picture, then providing flexible options and extensive follow-up support.   


  • Internationally Certified Baby Sleep Consultant

  • Registered Nurse - Bachelor of Nursing Degree 

  • Qualified Breastfeeding Peer Supporter

  • Qualified Nanny - New Zealand National Nanny Certificate | Diploma ECE

I have worked with babies and children my whole working life. As an infant and child sleep coach, I get to do what I love: working with families to improve their quality of life, by achieving better sleep for the whole family. 

I am an experienced Registered Nurse and mother of two young children. My time as a stay at home mother, and international experience as a live-in Maternity Nanny, are also invaluable for my work as a baby sleep coach.  

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and playing hockey.

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Little Sleep Coach is based in Christchurch, however I provide Phone and Email packages for clients throughout New Zealand and overseas. If you live in the Greater Christchurch area, Home Consultations (day, evening, overnight) are also available.

complimentary 15-minute consultation

Contact me to arrange a confidential, no obligation chat to discuss your child’s sleep issue/s and to help you decide whether Little Sleep Coach is the right ‘fit’ for your child, family and parenting style.

highly recommend Deb to any family struggling with sleep … Deb’s instructions were easy to follow … super grateful to be getting more sleep  

Jamie McKenzie

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sleep assessment & sleep plan - how it works

Sleep Assessment Questionnaire

Initially, I will need you to complete a detailed questionnaire - this will allow me to evaluate your current situation and concerns.

I'm a firm believer that there is no one size fit's all approach when it comes to working with babies and children. I work with parents who identify as having more a gentle style of parenting as well as those who consider themselves more mainstream.   

Customised Sleep Plan

I then work with you to develop a holistic Sleep Plan that meets the needs of your child, their temperament and your parenting style. I will be available for follow-up support (e.g. via phone, WhatsApp and email) to answer questions, spot issues and fine-tune the Sleep Plan where needed.

All Little Sleep Coach Consultation options include extensive written information in regard to: 

  • Understanding your baby/child’s sleep

  • Their sleep environment

  • Advice about feeding & nutrition

  • Nap patterns & routines

  • Sleep regressions

  • Current nap issues & how to address them

  • Methods to help your baby/child learn to sleep independently


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