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‘From a baby who cried all the time … we saw improvement in as little as a week. We now have a baby who loves his sleep’ 

Jess Campbell

About Little Sleep Coach  

Deb Janssen        How it works

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Deb Janssen
little sleep coach

I am passionate about empowering parents to improve their children’s sleep and facilitate a healthy feeding relationship. 
I take a holistic approach – looking at the whole picture, then providing flexible options and extensive follow-up support.   


New Zealand Nursing Badge
  • 2023 PGCert HSc PSME433 - Infant Mental Health 

  • Internationally Certified Baby Sleep Consultant

  • Registered Nurse - Bachelor of Nursing Degree 

  • Qualified Breastfeeding Peer Supporter

  • Qualified Nanny - New Zealand National Nanny Certificate | Diploma ECE

I am an experienced Registered Nurse and mother of two school aged children. 


I have worked with babies and children my whole working life. As an infant and child sleep coach, I get to do what I love: working with families to improve their quality of life, by achieving better sleep for the whole family. Having healthy and happy well rested children also means happy and healthy well rested parents!

I also have a special interest in feeding aversions. This is when infants who are breast or bottle fed begin to refuse feeds but are obviously hungry. It's not well recognised and is often misdiagnosed, however I am skilled at helping resolve these so your baby can learn to feed happily again. Alongside this, I offer medically well babies an intensive home based tube weaning program that safely enables your babies drive and motivation to learn to love eating and / or drinking.

When I’m not working I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, baking, pilates and taking our labrador for walks.

Little Sleep Coach is based in Christchurch, however I provide Video and Email packages for clients throughout New Zealand and overseas. If you live in the Greater Christchurch area, Home Consultations (day, evening, overnight) are also available.

complimentary 10-minute consultation

Contact me to arrange a confidential, no obligation chat to discuss your child’s sleep or feeding issue/s and to help you decide whether Little Sleep Coach is the right ‘fit’ for your child, family and parenting style.

highly recommend Deb to any family struggling with sleep … Deb’s instructions were easy to follow … super grateful to be getting more sleep  

Jamie McKenzie

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sleep assessment & sleep plan - how it works

Sleep Assessment Questionnaire

Initially, I will need you to complete a detailed questionnaire - this will allow me to evaluate your current situation and concerns.

I'm a firm believer that there is no one size fit's all approach when it comes to working with babies and children. I work with parents who identify as having more a gentle style of parenting as well as those who consider themselves more mainstream.   

Customised Sleep Plan

I then work with you to develop a holistic Sleep Plan that meets the needs of your child, their temperament and your parenting style. I will be available for follow-up support (e.g. via phone, WhatsApp and email) to answer questions, spot issues and fine-tune the Sleep Plan where needed.

All Little Sleep Coach Consultation options include extensive written information in regard to: 

  • Understanding your baby/child’s sleep

  • Their sleep environment

  • Advice about feeding & nutrition

  • Nap patterns & routines

  • Sleep regressions

  • Current nap issues & how to address them

  • Methods to help your baby/child learn to sleep independently


Learn more:   Book Online Now        Contact Little Sleep Coach

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