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‘Her help and support has made such a huge difference’ 

Jenna Hyland

testimonials & reviews for little sleep coach

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"I'm very grateful & honored that parents have taken the time to write about their experience of working with me.

You can view more recent testimonials left on Google Reviews here "

     — Deb Janssen, 2022

"Wow Deb is a godsend! When we approached her our 20 month old was breastfed to sleep / resettle, woke every 1 - 2 hours and slept in our bed for most of the night. We also had a 6 month trip around Europe and Asia coming up and we knew we needed to sort out Lily's sleep before we left.

Deb took the time to hear about our struggles and quickly curated a sleep plan for Lily. Lily is incredibly strong-willed and seemed to resist our attempts initially but after just a week we started to see extended periods of sleep and at the end of two weeks she was self -settling and sleeping through the night in her cot - it felt like a miracle had happened. 

Deb also helped us with sleep during our travels like tips for adjusting to new time zones. In the first 2 months we were in a new time zone every 1-2 weeks and by the end of 2 months Lily was only taking a night or 2 to adjust. We truely can't recommend Deb more and only regret that we didn't reach out sooner"

— Tise F | December 2022

"Would highly recommend Debs. Quinn is such a happy baby now . In just 2 weeks she is self settling , no dummy, waking only for feeding 1-2 times a night. Our family is much more settled now we have a routine that works. I found the follow up exceeded my expectations and was amazing."

— Jeanette White | September 2019

I’m telling everyone I know about Deb! At three months old Finn was waking every 1.5-2 hours overnight from birth. He only ever slept on me during the day, at random times and only for 40 minutes at a time. I was mentally and physically exhausted.

In less than two weeks, Finn started sleeping and settling on his own in his bassinet during the day, and is now waking once at night to feed. No more pushing a pram for miles, pacing around the lounge for hours or feeding to sleep! We’re a whole new family and cannot be more grateful xxx."

— Jamie Belsar | August 2019

"We couldn’t recommend Deb more. In less than a week, our 10 month old went from co-sleeping and being fed or rocked to sleep to sleeping through the night and for 2-2.5 hours during the day. It was amazing. Deb was extremely patient and non-judgemental. She made time to get to know us and our baby and together we came up with a plan that worked for us - ie one that involved minimal (next to no) crying. Our baby now drifts off to sleep on his own, in his own bed in less than 5 minutes. Deb is a game changer we thoroughly recommend her."  

— Julie Ash | August 2019

"Deb was wonderful at supporting us to help our 6 month old link his sleep cycles. He is such a different baby to our first and I really struggled to know how to best support him so we could all get a better nights sleep. on a bad night he was waking up to 7 times and now he is just waking once for a feed. Deb gave me the confidence to get him settled into a good routine during the day and to stick with our plan even when we were derailed after day three with sickness. It really paid off, thanks for your great support and advice."

— Sophie Robinson | August 2019

Debs completely changed our lives! Henry was 8 months and were in the process of moving cities/houses/housesitting and it was really tough for him. He was always reliant on us to sleep anyway but the move just made everything worse, we were all at breaking point. Debs helped us as a family work out what was best for him and that he was getting what he needed to thrive and of course sleep!! We went from 20-40min sleep cycles feeding and bopping to sleep (all night) and eventually co-sleeping badly to Henry putting himself to sleep in his cot within 5-10mins and sleeping till 7am! If he wakes he puts himself back to sleep and I’m still a little in disbelief we even got to this point. We literally had results after 1 night! We 100% couldn’t have done it without Debs guidance and support and are slightly kicking ourselves we didn’t call her earlier. We are all better people with decent sleep! 💙 

— Kate Mason | August 2019

"Deb has been our savior! In just 2 weeks we have gone from having an overtired baby (7mo) who will not link cycles - (waking every 45 min) to a baby who has developed the perfect sleeping pattern day and night! From the beginning, I felt listened to by Deb and trusted her completely. She understood our family and our dynamics and worked out a routine and plan that fits well with our lives and parenting style. It took us a while to decide on sleep coaching as we weren't comfortable with "cry it out" but Deb has proven to us that there is more to a baby learning how to self-settle than crying. Throughout the process, Deb kept in close contact with us that gave us that extra boost of confidence and faith in our babies ability to sleep. I would highly recommend Deb! Thanks heaps :)"

— Sam Carswell | July 2019

"Highly recommend. Deb was lovely to work with and helped my 6 month old get through a difficult sleep time promptly with ease. Deb worked with us to find an approach that suited our family and proved that working with a sleep consultant doesn’t mean leaving your baby to cry it out- a rumour I had heard frequently. By booking Deb I have gained an evening social life again and my son is less fussy day and night, now knowing what his routine is and what the cues that I give him mean. He’s happy to self settle and went from waking every 45-1.5 hours during the regression to sleeping 10-12 hours at night- I still can’t believe it. Training has helped our bonding, my Mental well-being and I have recommended Deb to many mum friends already! Even if it’s just for support and confidence for things like ditching a dummy or co-sleeping (at any age), Deb is awesome to help get you back on track  :-)"  

— Kate Radcliffe | June 2019

"Deb has totally changed our lives. Our son had never slept more than 3 hours at time and at 8 and a half months old I had started to really feel helpless and desperate for change. Deb’s plan was really clear. She gave me a number of different types of soothing techniques to pick from and she talked me through each one clearly so I could decide on the one that suited us best. She gave simple tweaks to our day routine and then stayed with us until midnight for our first night of soothing.

She was really supportive following - answering all my queries promptly and clearly. Malachy took 14 minutes of crying and has slept 12 hours a night ever since. It has literally changed our lives for the better. In having more sleep I have been able to start to heal from the trauma of his birth and really get back to being me which for a long time I had started to lose sight of.

Malachy is so happy now he is not overtired and I am able to be a better mum to him now. I highly recommend Deb to anyone struggling with their babies sleep. You don’t have to struggle anymore! Deb is amazing."

— Deb is amazing!  Sarah Leith

"I had the pleasure of being helped by Deb! Deb is extremely easy to communicate with, she is understanding, caring and supportive. Her feedback is always simple, easy to follow, encouraging and provides reasoning behind certain recommendations. Her help and support has made such a huge difference for us and our wee boy - we have all learned so much and can’t wait to see him continue to grow as a happy, good sleeper."

— Thank you so much Deb!  Jenna Hyland

"I would highly recommend Deb to any family struggling with sleep. Our 11 month old was waking hourly over night which was exhausting for the whole family. Deb guided us to allow our baby to sleep independently for a 9-10hr stretch within a couple of days. Deb’s instructions were easy to follow and were adapted to our more gentle parenting style. We are super grateful to be getting more sleep with Deb’s help!"  

— Jamie McKenzie

"Highly recommend!!! I worked with Deb with my 7month old son who was waking 6-7 times a night and limited day sleeps. She was very easy to work with and her instructions and advice were very easy to follow. I felt she catered for my parenting style and didn’t push me to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. As a result my son is only waking 1 time in the night, with 2 day sleeps!

— Very very happy Mumma!!! Oliva Foss

Would absolutely recommend! We have been lucky to work with Deb recently to help with our 5 month old baby boy. When we started the process we were pretty much at breaking point, thanks to a number of factors our little man had been waking multiple times during the night and only catnapping during the day. 

Deb provided us with heaps of information, a daily schedule for now through to 12 months and options for us to choose from to assist with settling. We now have a baby who is able to self settle and is beginning to sleep longer during the day and have had our first full night’s sleep in months. 

Throughout the process Deb has been on hand to answer any questions we had and provide support through email and phone calls. Deb joked at first that she wasn't a miracle worker but would help us as best she could, well it certainly feels like a miracle has happened for us. 

— Thank you so much. Lauren Bell

Deb has changed our lives. There isn't enough words to describe how thankful we are to have found Deb. Within 1 and half weeks our 1 year old son went from needing to be rocked to sleep, waking multiple times in the night for 2 or more hours, needing a bottle to resettle, not eating and only having one nap during the day to eating 2 weetbix for breakfast, eating all his lunch and dinner without fail. Our son is now sleeping through the whole night and having two naps a day. We can now put him down and he settles within minutes on his own, he has no bottles for resettling. Our son is a whole lot happier, you can see the change in him and Deb is the one to thank for that. Deb was fully supportive with the training she never pushed us to choose one certain training method and stayed with us for a few hours of the first night (we chose the spaced out soothing method). I Highly recommend Deb if you are struggling and need any help with sleep she really knows her stuff!!!

— Thank you so much Deb !!! 5 out of 5.  From one happy, rested little family. Rachel Weston

"Deb recently helped us to teach our 2yr old Sam how to go to bed nicely, sleep through the night and to stay in his bed until morning. This was amazing as prior to assistance from Deb, our wee man was encroaching into my husbands and my time in the evening by being up down up down until 9pm. Then he would be up to greet us anytime from 5am. Now he is in bed by 7 and doesn’t get up til at least 6.15am. We have more time with our older children in the evening, time to chat to each other without interruption and we can sleep til a decent hour. Sam is happier, his brothers are enjoying quality time so are happier and my husband and I are happier. Win win win. Thank so very much for your assistance Deb. You guidance, advice and support has been amazing!!

— Heidi Watson

"Highly recommend! I was fortunate enough to have Deb sleep train my baby from as little as 4 weeks old. We went from a baby who cried all the time, had no structure in his sleep, no set bed time and we were lucky to get 1 hour max sleep at a time. Once we worked with Deb, we saw improvement in as little as a week. We now have a baby who loves his sleep, has a great routine and now those early days are far more enjoyable for the whole family."

— Thanks Deb!  Jess Campbell

I didn’t need to sleep train my oldest child, so when my stubborn 2nd came along I was very much in unknown territory. My baby didn’t grizzle - she’d go straight for the scream so I found any crying solutions for sleep far too stressful. As a result, I was feeding her to sleep for all naps and she was waking 3-8 times a night. With Deb’s help, I was able to help my 14 month old learn to go to sleep with minimal crying using a method I felt good about and could be consistent with. Deb took the time to get to know me as a mother, and my baby’s temperament so that she could offer me the best strategy that met our needs. I was able to use this strategy with success, even though my daughter was having continuous ear infections, and all with very little crying. The strategy is so useful, that now when my toddler is having a small regression, I go back to it and within a few nights we are back to self settling again. 

Thank you for your help Deb!

— I can not recommend Deb highly enough! Lauren Hill

Below is some of the lovely feedback from happy (and now rested!) parents Little Sleep Coach has helped … Your child and family deserve to sleep well too.

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