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Baby sleeping, little sleep coach

better sleep for the whole family

Little Sleep Coach can help your child too

little sleep coach

Registered Nurse
Infant & Child Sleep Coach
Christchurch, NZ

Little Sleep Coach offers a holistic approach, to help your baby or young child sleep independently and happily

plus helps facilitate a healthy feeding relationship.

happier children, happier families

Swaddled baby asleep

absolutely recommend!
we now have a baby who can self settle … 
feels like a miracle

Lauren Bell

Sleep isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Better sleep means better quality of life for the whole family. Little Sleep Coach will show you how to create healthy sleep habits for your child - giving you the sleep you need too!


I provide phone, video and email packages for clients throughout New Zealand and overseas. If you live in the greater Christchurch area, Home Consultations (day, evening and overnight) are also available.

I work with babies and children up to five years old. Common sleep issues I assist with, include:​

  • Multiple night waking

  • Frequent feeding overnight

  • Catnapping

  • Resisting settling/resettling

  • Reliance on movement to sleep

  • Early rising

  • Transitioning from family bed to cot/bed

  • Toddler resisting bedtime

  • Toddler won’t stay in bed

  • Fussy/picky eater & poor sleep

I also provide feeding aversion consultations and an intensive home based Tube Weaning Program for 0 - 12 month olds. 

Deb Janssen holding sleeping baby

customised sleep assessment
& sleep plan

Each child and family is different. Little Sleep Coach provides a detailed Sleep Assessment and holistic Sleep Plan tailored specifically to your child’s sleep issue/s, temperament, and your parenting style. I also provide extensive follow-up support.

If you’re an expectant parent, I can help you prepare for when baby comes home. 

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Deb Janssen
Registered Nurse
Internationally Certified Baby Sleep Consultant

I am a qualified infant and child sleep coach, experienced Registered Nurse and qualified Nanny. Take the first step toward better sleep for your child and family - contact me to arrange your complimentary 10-minute chat. 

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