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Newborn Video Consult

Video consultation for newborns between 3-12 weeks. Wed or Sat at 10am

About this Service

Welcome to parenthood! It’s such a mixture of emotions as you welcome your little bundle of joy and navigate feeding and settling with lots of snuggles in between. While it's normal and expected for everyone's sleep to be disrupted in these early months, it can begin to feel more of a struggle as time goes on. I can help. With some gentle guidance and support around feeding (breast or bottle) and how to do some hands on settling with your baby, we can help your baby sleep more soundly, giving you the rest you need too. Deb has undertaken additional breastfeeding courses and can help you with common breastfeeding problems, along with advising around bottle or formula feeding. Newborn consults are suitable for newborn babies from 3 to 12 weeks old. Includes advice around setting up healthy sleep habits within a safe sleep environment, breastfeeding support and advice / or bottle feeding, naps, bedtime routines and hands on coaching of a settling technique. Each newborn consultation includes: - 1 hour video consultation - I can be flexible with this time so please message me to arrange - Recommendations based on your questionnaire - Little Sleep Coach Newborn Guide - 15 minute phone call one week after the consult

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