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Feeding Aversion & Tube Weaning Service

Home or Video consultation for 0 - 2 years

About this Service

Feeding Aversion ConsultationHaving a baby refuse to feed (breast or bottle or eating solids) can be incredibly stressful. I can help you get back on track to make feeding and eating an enjoyable experience for your family again in as little as a week.You can read more about feeding aversions on this helpful blog post I wrote hereYou'll need to complete my feeding questionnaire which will give me a comprehensive history of your feeding journey up until this point. Once I assess the questionnaire, I can work out the cause of the aversion and make recommendations how we can resolve it. Contact me here to bookPhone or Video consultation 45 - 60 minutes plus 1 weeks support. $200Deb put a plan together for our daughter who was suffering from a feeding aversion. There is no doubt that if Deb did not help us, our daughter would be looking at being tube feed. The plan was easy to follow and having Deb just a phone call away was very reassuring for us. Our little family is so much happier now that we have a daughter that is feeding well, sleeping well and not spending hours crying. That is all down Deb. I would highly recommend Deb as she completely understands your needs and your baby's needs.  ~ Sheree Borcovsky  Rapid Tube Weaning ProgramI provide an online service to families who have a child under 12 months old with a tube feeding dependency. Provided your child is fit and well, they've been cleared medically / the medical need for the tube has passed, that they’ve been cleared by a SLT as having a safe swallow and are able demonstrate they can currently / recently accept oral liquids or puree’s / solids (even small amounts) they may be suitable for a home based tube wean.You will need to complete an comprehensive feeding questionnaire – Deb will assess this and decide if your child is suitable for the tube weaning program. Initial assessment & 30 minute phone call $50This is an intensive 2 - 3 week program where we work very closely together. By the end of our time together, your child will have learnt how to happily accept a bottle / solids and be tube free! $650"My 4 month old had a feeding tube for 8 weeks after developing an aversion. It was a very difficult stage for us. My daughter was seen by different specialists and all they could think of was reflux as the main cause of her aversion. She was getting worse. My LO was always upset, vomiting, not sleeping well. My anxiety levels were high. I wanted the tube out! I was desperate to find answers. Then I

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