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Sleep coaching takes the guesswork out of why your baby or child isn’t settling well. 


I am passionate about helping parents and their little ones achieve better sleep. By being open to change, and making the commitment to be consistent, I can help your baby or child learn to sleep well, giving you the good nights sleep you need and deserve too, leaving you all feeling happier and more settled as a result.

You may see results within as little as a couple of days, to a couple of weeks.


little sleep coach packages & pricing


What’s included and how much does it cost?


Newborn Baby - Home Consult 

Suitable for newborn babies from 3 to 12 weeks old. Includes advice around setting up healthy sleep habits within a safe sleep environment, breastfeeding support and advice / or bottle feeding, naps, bedtime routines and hands on coaching of a settling technique. 

  • 2 hour Home Visit 

  • Comprehensive written Sleep Assessment and Sleep Plan 

  • One week of follow up Support

       $200.00 NZD  

Newborn Baby - Phone or Video Consult 


  • 1 hour phone or video consultation 

  • Comprehensive written Sleep Assessment and Sleep Plan ​

  • One week of follow up Support

       $150.00 NZD 


Express Phone Call 

This is ideal if you have a small sleep struggle, are looking for general sleep or feeding advice or if you are a previous client who has hit a regression. It's not suitable for babies who are yet to learn how to self settle as this requires more in depth support. 

  • 30 minutes

       $45.00 NZD

This doesn't include a personalised sleep plan, any written information or follow up support, a pen and paper will be needed to take your own notes during the call. 

Sleep Coaching Packages 3 months - 5 years


Phone Consult

This one hour phone consultation gives us plenty of time to go over your personalised plan which will be emailed to you beforehand and together we choose a settling technique that suits both you and your child. 


You will then have 2 weeks of support via WhatsApp (text & voice messaging app) and phone calls along with reviewing your daily sleep logs. A Phone consult is perfect for those that need a plan to follow and are happy to implement it themselves.

Phone Consultation plus 2 weeks of follow up support


  • 1 hour 

       $300.00 NZD

 The following 2 packages (Phone & Home consultation) both include:

  • Online Questionnaire (To be completed by either Mum or Dad after making initial contact with Deb)

  • Little Sleep Coach guide 

  • Comprehensive written Sleep Assessment & Sleep Plan 

  • Two weeks of WhatsApp (text & voice messaging) & Phone Support 

  • Review and feedback of your Sleep and Activity Logs 


The Questionnaire gives me a chance to understand your family dynamics and current sleep problem/s. Your Sleep Assessment and Sleep plan will include advice around the sleep environment, feeding and nutrition, bedtime and nap routines, current sleep issues and how to address them. 

Home Consult

Deb will come to your home with your personalized Sleep Assessment and Sleep plan. You will discuss your child's sleep issues and how to address them, then go through the evening wind down ritual together and implement your chosen settling technique. We then sit down and go though your sleep plan in detail, there's plenty of time for questions. 

You will then have 2 weeks of support via WhatsApp (text & voice messaging app) and phone calls along with reviewing your daily sleep logs. A home visit will leave you feeling confident moving forward with hands on guidance around your customised Sleep Plan. You will feel well supported with the daily contact.

Home consultation plus 2 weeks of follow up support

  • 3 hours 

       $400.00 NZD


  • 6 hours 

       $550.00 NZD

  • 12 hours 

       $750.00 NZD


Customised consultations available, please enquire


Group Talks 

Book a general sleep talk. Gather a group of friends, your antenatal group or colleagues together for a relaxed but very informative session. Large group talks for kindy / preschool available, please enquire.

$15.00 per person (NZD)


Gift Voucher for Sleep Coaching Services 

Makes a lovely baby shower gift or it's ideal if someone you love is struggling and you'd like to help. Enquire to arrange this.

$ you choose the value


Extra's & Add on's 

One week of extra WhatsApp, Phone and Email Support - You can use this to extend your current package or it's perfect if you need help getting back on track. Needs to be used within 2 months of the initial assessment.

$80.00 NZD 


Sleep coaching during the same period of time, for other children in your immediate family:

20% off services for the extra baby/child. 

Twins / triplets are no extra charge.

Complimentary 15-minute Consultation  

No sure which option to choose? 
Email or call to arrange a complimentary, confidential (and no obligation) chat.

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Deb has totally changed our lives...
Malachy is so happy now he is not overtired. You don't have to struggle anymore! Deb is amazing.

Sarah Leith