Night Nanny 10pm-6am

Overnight support to give you a break from sleepless nights

About this Service

If you just want a break to catch up from having broken nights sleep, I can help. This is suitable for babies from birth to 4 months. I will help your baby settle to sleep, and resettle them back to sleep unless due a feed. For night feeds, I can either wake you up and bring baby to you when they are due for a breastfeed, or I am happy to bottle feed so you can sleep on. I'll then burp and change them, and resettle them back to sleep. There is no sleep training involved (there never is in the newborn stage) or specific advice around feeding or settling - I'm purely there to care for your baby so you can catch up on some much needed sleep. How it works - I will arrive around 9.45pm so you can run me through where baby is sleeping and we can make a quick plan around night feeds. You can be in bed by 10pm! At 6am, if the house is still asleep, I can quietly let myself out and leave a baby monitor outside your bedroom so you can hear when they wake, or if baby is awake and ready for a feed, I'll wake you here and leave you feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep ready to start your day :) I'll always leave a written activity log for you to see how the night went, regardless if you are awake or not at 6am. If you don't see a time / night available on the calendar, please contact me to discuss. Twins is an additional $50