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Little Sleep Coach


Home Consult

Suitable from 3 months - 5 years of age 

Your home consult includes:

  • Online Questionnaire (To be completed by either Mum / Dad / caregiver after making initial contact with Deb)

  • Little Sleep Coach guide 

  • Comprehensive written Sleep Assessment & Sleep Plan 

  • Two weeks of WhatsApp (text & voice messaging) & Phone Support. 

  • Complimentary use of a white noise machine or sleep sack for your little one for up to 2 weeks

  • Review and feedback of your Sleep and Activity Logs every 24 - 48 hours


The Questionnaire gives me a chance to understand your family dynamics and current sleep problem/s. Your Sleep Assessment and Sleep plan will include advice around the sleep environment, feeding and nutrition, bedtime and nap routines, current sleep issues and how to address them. 

Deb will come to your home with your personalized Sleep Assessment and Sleep plan around 5 - 5.30pm. We will discuss your child's sleep issues and how to address them, then go through the evening wind down ritual together and implement your chosen settling technique. We then sit down and go though your sleep plan in detail, there's plenty of time for questions. 

You will then have 2 weeks of support via WhatsApp (text & voice messaging app) and phone calls along with reviewing your daily sleep logs. A home visit will leave you feeling confident moving forward with hands on guidance around your customised Sleep Plan. You will feel well supported with the regular contact.

Home consultation plus 2 weeks of follow up support

  • 3 hours 

       $500.00 NZD


  • 6 hours 

       $650.00 NZD

  • 12 hours 

       $800.00 NZD


Please contact me via email or call to schedule your home consult

Click here to complete the questionnaire if your baby is between 0 - 12 months.

Click here to complete the questionnaire if your older baby or  toddler is between 1 - 5 years