Express Phone Consult

30 minutes - $45

If your baby or child is yet to learn the skill of self settling, this consult is not suitable as it requires more in depth 1 -1 support. 

If you are a returning Little Sleep Coach family who have hit a regression and would like some direction and guidance around how to get back on track, or if you are after general sleep or feeding advice, please see below. You'll need to take your own notes during the call. It does not include any follow up support.

Deb will be able to schedule your 30 minute phone call within 5 days of you making contact.​

Follow these 3 simple steps

1. Copy and Paste the questions below and email them with your answers to Deb at                     with the following details

> current age of your baby or child

> 24 hour log including

> wake up time, nap time and duration, evening bedtime

> describe the problem you are experiencing, what is happening overnight, or during a nap

> milk timing and volumes

> solids timing and volumes or any concerns around eating

> any other information you deem relevant

> preferred days / times you are available to talk

2. Deb will contact you within 24 - 48 hours to arrange a time for the phone consult. 


3. You will receive an invoice by email - this is to be paid prior to the consult.